Welcome to the "official" website for the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation. This is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted primarily to preserving the musical legacy of Mississippi John Hurt, a Country Blues musician from Avalon, Mississippi, whose work represents a profound contribution to American culture. Thank you for stopping by!


The Mississippi John Hurt Foundation was founded in 1997 by John Hurt's granddaughter, Mary Frances Hurt, and is mainly supported by generous donations as well as proceeds from the annual Mississippi John Hurt Music Festival and the operation of the Mississippi John Hurt Museum.

The Foundation's mission is to help preserve the musical legacy of Mississippi John Hurt. It achieves this goal by maintaining John Hurt's home, which is now the Mississippi John Hurt Museum, as well as the St. James Church, which was John Hurt's place of worship and also his school. Additionally, the Foundation helps maintain John Hurt's grave in the historic St. James Cemetery. The Mississippi John Hurt Foundation also provides musical and educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth, such as an after school program where participants learn about Blues music, learn to play an instrument, and perform at events like the Chicago Blues Festival. And through the Mississippi John Hurt Music Festival, also known as Homecoming, the Foundation celebrates John Hurt's life and music annually in a meaningful and personal way.

Through this website, we invite you to learn more about Mississippi John Hurt - his life, his music, his legacy - and we hope that you will become a special part of our music family!


Please consider donating to the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation through the PayPal Giving Fund or through PayPal.Me/MSJohnHurtFoundation. If you are a resident of the United States, donations are typically 100% tax-deductible - and donations of $500 or more can be made from 401K accounts without any tax consequences.

Generous donations to the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation help maintain the Mississippi John Hurt Museum and the historic St. James Church. Your contributions also help fund the Foundation's musical and educational endeavors, as well as its annual Mississippi John Hurt Music Festival. The Foundation thanks you for your kindness and for taking the opportunity to personally contribute to the legacy of Mississippi John Hurt.


It's the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation's 25th Anniversary! How time passes!! We're excited to announce our Silver Anniversary Fundraiser Campaign for the documentary film, Hurt - A Mississippi Inspiration, plus a few operational things. Please donate if you can, share everywhere, and help this fundraiser gain momentum. Thanks in advance for your help!

The Mississippi John Hurt Foundation is collaborating with the talented Draft film crew to produce a documentary film about the life and times of Mississippi John Hurt, Hurt - A Mississippi Inspiration. This film is unique in that it will tell the legendary musician's story from the perspective of a close family member, his granddaughter Mary Frances Hurt, and it will include truths that have never been released! Visit us here for updates on the film's progress and to learn how to view the documentary once it becomes available. Meanwhile, please enjoy this teaser, produced by Draft.

The complete Mississippi John Hurt 2021 Online Concert Series is now available for viewing on the Foundation's YouTube channel. The artists presented in this concert series were Jontavious Willis, the Piedmont Blūz Acoustic Duo, Andy Cohen, Hubby Jenkins, and Alan Lighty. Enjoy!
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